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art of scanography - Andrea Kemler

 and also this scans:


"so easy a child can do it"
Now, Let's Get Started

Step 1) Turn your flatbed scanner on. (If it's new, make sure you have installed the software and read basic instructions.) It may take a little while to warm up, this is normal. Warmer is better.

Step 2) Before you begin your "scanography", CLEAN the glass of your scanner with a lint free cloth. Paper towels are not lint free; and do not use regular window cleaner.

Clean the scanner bed before and after every scan. Dust, pollen and even tiny hairs show up in close-up (macro) photography -- and that's what you're creating. IMPORTANT NOTE: Read 'Scanner Cleaning'

Step 3) Leave the top up. Carefully place your subject face down, on the glass of the photo scanner. Use anything that fits within the parameters of the flatbed's dimensions. Try to keep smudges off the glass. Yes, they will show up.

Consider this learning stage as practice don’t spend a lot of time being creative
Try a leaf, a flower, even your dog's toy will work
Avoid anything with sharp edges that may scratch the glass
Remember, place items to scan face down
The “camera” is looking up
Leave the scanner top up

Step 4) Go to your photo scanner software location. (I keep mine on my desktop so I can find it easily. My icon reads Epson Smart Panel). Read the brief but specific instructions to Scan and Save.

Keep things basic for now, go to 'PHOTO' section,use AUTO MODE.

Don't get nervous, this is not complicated. Scanner photography is not much different than scanning a document. The old saying -"so easy a child can do it" - applies here.

Quite often just using a scanner with the top up gives you the black background you're looking for, because of the limited Depth of Field. However, ambient light can interfere. For best results turn off any lights in the room.

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