I'm Ayuschka. And I'd like to share with you every eccentric art I saw or even those a little bit odd, photo, design... I'll try to put as much information here as I find interesting, but always add a link to its original site.

My shelter

 I'll call it "my shelter"
 - a safe place for all the priceless pieces created by man  and ever fell  into my hands.

I get all of this things  through my mind,  so it's a kind of a parf of me now.

And I can't even imagine my life without presence of anything from this list:
(starting with the  smallest part to the largest pieces)




  • Linking park
  • sr. Elton Jon
  • Michael Jackson
  • Gouru
  • Vivaldi

  • Rich dad and poor dad
  • Monte Christo
  • Sherlock Holms
  • Nitshe    


  • Raphael
  • Michaelangelo
  • Da Vinchi
  • Dali 
  • Van Gog 
  • Chaika 


to be continued

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