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A country code top-level domain

One day I'd like to know which country belongs domain ".cc" in  site's  url: www.wretch.cc      
- so as usual  I found out an answer in wiki:

it's – Cocos (Keeling) Islands  , 
but mostly it has licensed for world-wide commercial use.) 
A country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is an Internet top-level domain generally used or reserved for a country or a dependent territory.

All ccTLD identifiers are two letters long, and all two-letter top-level domains are ccTLDs. Creation and delegation of ccTLDs is performed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) as described in country codes with few exceptions explained below.

List of gTLDsgTLD intended use

List of ccTLDs
World Map with all ccTLDs.

* Foreign registration permitted

.ac – Ascension Island *
.ad – Andorra
.ae – United Arab Emirates
.af – Afghanistan
.ag – Antigua and Barbuda *
.ai – Anguilla
.al – Albania
.am – Armenia *
.an – Netherlands Antilles
.ao – Angola
.aq – Antarctica
.ar – Argentina
.as – American Samoa *
.at – Austria *
.au – Australia
.aw – Aruba
.ax – Åland Islands
.az – Azerbaijan

.ba – Bosnia and Herzegovina
.bb – Barbados
.bd – Bangladesh
.be – Belgium *
.bf – Burkina Faso
.bg – Bulgaria
.bh – Bahrain
.bi – Burundi *
.bj – Benin
.bm – Bermuda
.bn – Brunei
.bo – Bolivia *
.br – Brazil *
.bs – Bahamas *
.bt – Bhutan
.bv – Bouvet Island (not in use; no registrations)
.bw – Botswana
.by – Belarus
.bz – Belize *

.ca – Canada
.cc – Cocos (Keeling) Islands *
.cd – Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly .zr – Zaire) *
.cf – Central African Republic
.cg – Republic of the Congo *
.ch – Switzerland *
.ci – Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)*
.ck – Cook Islands *
.cl – Chile
.cm – Cameroon
.cn – People's Republic of China *
.co – Colombia
.cr – Costa Rica
.cu – Cuba
.cv – Cape Verde
.cx – Christmas Island *
.cy – Cyprus
.cz – Czech Republic

.de – Germany
.dj – Djibouti *
.dk – Denmark *
.dm – Dominica
.do – Dominican Republic
.dz – Algeria

.ec – Ecuador
.ee – Estonia
.eg – Egypt
.eh – Western Sahara (not assigned; no DNS)
.er – Eritrea
.es – Spain *
.et – Ethiopia
.eu – European Union (code "exceptionally reserved" by ISO 3166-1)

.fi – Finland
.fj – Fiji *
.fk – Falkland Islands
.fm – Federated States of Micronesia *
.fo – Faroe Islands
.fr – France

.ga – Gabon
.gb – United Kingdom (Reserved domain by IANA; deprecated – see .uk)
.gd – Grenada
.ge – Georgia
.gf – French Guiana
.gg – Guernsey
.gh – Ghana
.gi – Gibraltar
.gl – Greenland *
.gm – Gambia
.gn – Guinea
.gp – Guadeloupe
.gq – Equatorial Guinea
.gr – Greece *
.gs – South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands *
.gt – Guatemala
.gu – Guam
.gw – Guinea-Bissau
.gy – Guyana

.hk – Hong Kong *
.hm – Heard Island and McDonald Islands *
.hn – Honduras *
.hr – Croatia
.ht – Haiti
.hu – Hungary *

.id – Indonesia
.ie – Ireland
.il – Israel *
.im – Isle of Man *
.in – India *
.io – British Indian Ocean Territory *
.iq – Iraq
.ir – Iran *
.is – Iceland *
.it – Italy

.je – Jersey
.jm – Jamaica
.jo – Jordan
.jp – Japan

.ke – Kenya
.kg – Kyrgyzstan
.kh – Cambodia
.ki – Kiribati
.km – Comoros
.kn – Saint Kitts and Nevis
.kp – North Korea
.kr – South Korea
.kw – Kuwait
.ky – Cayman Islands
.kz – Kazakhstan *

.la – Laos *
.lb – Lebanon
.lc – Saint Lucia
.li – Liechtenstein *
.lk – Sri Lanka
.lr – Liberia
.ls – Lesotho *
.lt – Lithuania
.lu – Luxembourg
.lv – Latvia *
.ly – Libya *

.ma – Morocco
.mc – Monaco
.md – Moldova *
.me – Montenegro
.mg – Madagascar
.mh – Marshall Islands
.mk – Republic of Macedonia
.ml – Mali
.mm – Myanmar
.mn – Mongolia *
.mo – Macau
.mp – Northern Mariana Islands *
.mq – Martinique
.mr – Mauritania
.ms – Montserrat *
.mt – Malta
.mu – Mauritius *
.mv – Maldives
.mw – Malawi *
.mx – Mexico *
.my – Malaysia
.mz – Mozambique

.na – Namibia *
.nc – New Caledonia
.ne – Niger
.nf – Norfolk Island *
.ng – Nigeria
.ni – Nicaragua
.nl – Netherlands *
.no – Norway
.np – Nepal
.nr – Nauru *
.nu – Niue *
.nz – New Zealand *

.om – Oman

.pa – Panama
.pe – Peru
.pf – French Polynesia
.pg – Papua New Guinea
.ph – Philippines *
.pk – Pakistan *
.pl – Poland *
.pm – Saint Pierre and Miquelon
.pn – Pitcairn Islands *
.pr – Puerto Rico *
.ps – Palestine *
.pt – Portugal *
.pw – Palau
.py – Paraguay

.qa – Qatar

.re – Réunion
.ro – Romania *
.rs – Serbia *
.ru – Russia *
.rw – Rwanda

.sa – Saudi Arabia
.sb – Solomon Islands *
.sc – Seychelles *
.sd – Sudan
.se – Sweden *
.sg – Singapore
.sh – Saint Helena *
.si – Slovenia
.sj – Svalbard and Jan Mayen islands (not in use; no registrations)
.sk – Slovakia
.sl – Sierra Leone
.sm – San Marino *
.sn – Senegal
.so – Somalia * (down, still is delegated to Monolith [ml.org] Philadelphia, an entity defunct since end-1998)
.sr – Suriname *
.st – São Tomé and Príncipe *
.su – Soviet Union (deprecated; being phased out; code "transitionally reserved" by ISO 3166-1)
.sv – El Salvador
.sy – Syria *
.sz – Swaziland *

.tc – Turks and Caicos Islands
.td – Chad
.tf – French Southern Territories
.tg – Togo *
.th – Thailand *
.tj – Tajikistan *
.tk – Tokelau *
.tl – East Timor (formerly .tp) *
.tm – Turkmenistan *
.tn – Tunisia
.to – Tonga *
.tp – East Timor (deprecated – use .tl; code "transitionally reserved" by ISO 3166-1)
.tr – Turkey
.tt – Trinidad and Tobago *
.tv – Tuvalu *
.tw – Taiwan *
.tz – Tanzania

.ua – Ukraine
.ug – Uganda *
.uk – United Kingdom (code "exceptionally reserved" by ISO 3166-1) (see also .gb)
.us – United States *
.uy – Uruguay
.uz – Uzbekistan

.va – Vatican City
.vc – Saint Vincent and the Grenadines *
.ve – Venezuela
.vg – British Virgin Islands *
.vi – United States Virgin Islands
.vn – Vietnam
.vu – Vanuatu *

.wf – Wallis and Futuna
.ws – Samoa (formerly Western Samoa) *

.ye – Yemen
.yt – Mayotte

.za – South Africa *
.zm – Zambia
.zw – Zimbabwe

A number of the world's smallest countries have licensed their TLDs for world-wide commercial use. For example, Tuvalu and the Federated States of Micronesia, small island-states in the South Pacific, have partnered with VeriSign and FSM Telecommunications respectively, to sell domain names using the .tv and .fm TLDs to television and radio stations.

Vanity ccTLDs are TLDs which are used for various purposes outside their home countries, because of their name. For example,
.ad is a ccTLD for Andorra, but has recently been increasingly used by advertising agencies.
.ag is a ccTLD for Antigua and Barbuda and is sometimes used for agricultural sites. In Germany, AG (short for Aktiengesellschaft) is appended to the name of a stock-based company, similar to Inc. in USA.
.am is a ccTLD for Armenia, but is often used for AM radio stations, or for domain hacks (such as .i.am).
.as is a ccTLD for American Samoa. In Denmark and Norway, AS is appended to the name of a stock-based company, similar to Inc. in USA.
.cc is a ccTLD for Cocos (Keeling) Islands but is used for a wide variety of sites.
.cd is a ccTLD for Democratic Republic of Congo but is used for CD merchants and file sharing sites.
.dj is a ccTLD for Djibouti but is used for CD merchants and disc jockeys.
.fm is a ccTLD for the Federated States of Micronesia but it is often used for FM radio stations.
.gg is a ccTLD for Guernsey but it is often used by the gaming and gambling industry, particularly in relation to horse racing and online poker (with "gg" being the abbreviation for "good game", which is used as a courtesy in online chat).
.im is a ccTLD for the Isle of Man but is often used by instant messaging programs and services.
.in is a ccTLD for India but is widely used in the internet industry.
.it is a ccTLD for Italy but is used in domain hacks (e.g. .has.it).
.je is a ccTLD for Jersey but is often used as a diminutive in Dutch (e.g. "huis.je"), as "you" ("zoek.je" = "search ye!"), or as "I" in French (e.g. "moi.je")
.la is a ccTLD for Laos but is marketed as the TLD for Los Angeles.
.li is a ccTLD for Liechtenstein but is marketed as the TLD for Long Island.
.md is a ccTLD for Moldova, but is marketed exclusively to the medical industry (as in "medical domain" or "medical doctor").
.me is a ccTLD for Montenegro, and is recently opened to individuals.
.mu is a ccTLD for Mauritius, but is used within the music industry.
.nu is a ccTLD for Niue but marketed as resembling "new" in English and "now" in Nordic/Dutch. Also meaning "nude" in French/Portuguese.
.sc is a ccTLD for Seychelles but is often used as .Source
.to is a ccTLD for Tonga but is often used as the English word "to", like "go.to"; also is marketed as the TLD for Toronto.
.tv is a ccTLD for Tuvalu but it is used for the television ("tv")/entertainment industry purposes.
.ws is a ccTLD for Samoa (earlier Western Samoa), but is marketed as .Website
.vu is a ccTLD for Vanuatu but means "seen" in French as well as an abbreviation for the English language word "view".

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