I'm Ayuschka. And I'd like to share with you every eccentric art I saw or even those a little bit odd, photo, design... I'll try to put as much information here as I find interesting, but always add a link to its original site.

1st day - way to Czechia now.

I'm on my way to Czechia now.  

the notebook I borrow from my very nice friend it's something real astonishing!
For sure I should buy the same for my every day needs after my returning. 

Even with our usual ukrain slow-moving traffic and disconnection it's lovely.
I can be online even in a long-distance movig train. 
God bless my vacation!
among other things I can add that it turned out as our kievstar is the best provader here, its connection through my nokia is beyond comparison to other I tried.
The whole day before I spend for testing it. It's a little bit expensive, but it works.

Just in twelve hours I will sea this beauty:


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