I'm Ayuschka. And I'd like to share with you every eccentric art I saw or even those a little bit odd, photo, design... I'll try to put as much information here as I find interesting, but always add a link to its original site.

Germany - Dresden- on the eleventh day of my travel!


The Semper Opera was originally built in 1838-1841 by architect Gottfriend Semper.
The theatre gained fame as one of the most beautiful theatres in Europe with acoustics to match. This one is looking the same as my native Odessa Opera Theatre.

Here I am! In front of Dresden Opera House before the "citten" play.

From all my pleasure-11-days trip the weekend in Dresden has been awesome also. 
No, this day really was THE best.

  It was simply amazing - even if the play was spoken English all the time. They were called back out on stage for extra tracks 2 times…

It was splendid!

Also, Dresden is a beautiful city; even if it’s way more extravagant than what I am used to from Odessa.
So both to please my sister and show you that I am serious when I say it was great, here are a few samples from nantel:

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