I'm Ayuschka. And I'd like to share with you every eccentric art I saw or even those a little bit odd, photo, design... I'll try to put as much information here as I find interesting, but always add a link to its original site.

Design - Ethnic a statuette by Fausto Fernández

Ceramic statuette, 'I am Man'

This statuettes by Fausto Fernández are his version of 'original man' from the Sican culture of Peru. The general design replicates the original, 24k gold tumi dagger unearthed at Illimo. Crafted according to legendary ceramic techniques, this statuette features a semicircular headdress, originally intended to be sharp. Tumis were used for ceremonial rites. The presence of wings symbolizes the deity's ability to fly to the world beyond.
This piece represents the artistic greatness of Peru's Sican culture.


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